Monday, July 6, 2009

Blogging can be very educational.

Blogging by some might be considered to be a waste of time or even something that is just for those people who likes to write or just chat and gossip with others. But in my opinion blogging can be a very educational tool. Students at a Jr. high level and up can find this tool to be very useful in their studies and find it as a way to communicate and learn from others about their education. Junior High and High School students can do research about other countries and places around the world and find blogs by those who live in those areas and read their blogs to find out about their culture they live in.
Pictures and videos can be used in blogs too to help enhance the learning experience.
College students can find this to be something that will also enhance their learning experience and aid them in whatever they are studying. Also college age students can use blogging in their education because a lot of college education is happening online, in part or in full. Like in my online learning I have earned my bachelors totally online, and now I am working on my masters online.
Also I find blogging to be a tool used by many homeschoolers parents and student. My daughter and I are members of two sister sites for homeschool families around the world. The Homeschool Lounge and The Little Lounge. These sites provide a community that is just for homeschoolers and it is a site you can chat, blog, share information or find information to help you in your homeschooling journey. This is wonderful for Homeschoolers who are not sure what to do with a particular problem they are having or if they need to find a new math curriculum.
The sister site, The Little Lounge is for the kids of these homeschool parents, where they can join if their parents are members of The Homeschool Lounge and they can meet other homeschoolers their age and chat with them about their daily activities and also blog about their lives too.

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  1. Very cool! You are off to a great start on this... excellent!